Babes Wodumo's team hits back following copyright claims

Babes Wodumo (Photo: Gallo)
Babes Wodumo (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Babes Wodumo's manager, Victor Dlokolo, has responded to copyright claims made by Mausay Media.

Mausay Records released a video for Wololo by Wyzle - produced by Bemshima - in December 2015. "The copyright claim is against the title," Cobus Burgers, MD at Mausay Media, explained.   

This comes just after Wololo reached 2 million views on YouTube just three months after the release of the video.

Regarding the copyright claim Victor Dlokolo asks, "If you search for Wololo on YouTube, how many Wololo's come up?" 

He goes on to say, "This just speaks to our arrival in the industry. I take it as a compliment. People are taking notice of us."  

Victor was also sceptical regarding the timing of the complaint, "Why only now? Why only after we hit 2 million views on YouTube? Just look at the timing." And called the claims, "crazy."