Bonang's House of BNG bubbly sells out in one day

Bonang (Photo: Supplied/CSA)
Bonang (Photo: Supplied/CSA)

Johannesburg - On Monday Queen B launched her very own MCC under her House of BNG brand at an exclusive event at Waterfall Estate in Johannesburg. 

Within in hours of the drink hitting the shelves at Woolworths Food, where it is exclusively sold, fans had already bought every single bottle.

We spotted Bonang dancing around enthusiastically at her event when she first heard the news and of course we just had to ask her about it when we got the chance to have a quick chat.

Speaking to The Juice, the TV personality confirmed what we had overheard. "You were hearing right, it is out of stock and I want to die," she said, unable to contain her excitement. 

When asked how many bottles were available to the public Bonang said it was "about 20 000 available online," adding that it will be replenished. 

(Photo: Supplied/CSA)