Burn The Floor: Turning the spotlight on husband and wife dance duo Kylee and Stephen

Kylee VIncent, Stephen VIncent (Photo: Patrick Furter)
Kylee VIncent, Stephen VIncent (Photo: Patrick Furter)

Cape Town - The world's most prolific ballroom theatre production, Burn the Floor, has returned to South Africa with sways, spirals, and swivels! 

After a highly successful Cape Town tour, dubbed The Rebel Tour, Burn The Floor is heading to Johannesburg and Durban. 

Channel24 caught up with South African Latin Champion, Kylee Brown, who is part of the international cast, and her British husband Stephen Vincent.

The couple, who met each other after being cast in Burn The Floor, say they are incredibly fortunate to be able to dance across the globe together.

"This industry is a tough one, and it is always great to have the one person you truly love with you," says Kylee.

Stephen agrees, saying: "We are so lucky to be able to share the stage. And in our downtime, we get to experience different places together. It couldn't be more perfect."

According to Kylee, who is a very family orientated person, the most challenging part about being away from your family is "missing family events throughout the year."

She misses her family, and her dogs the most when being away from home for an extended period of time. Stephen, who has fallen in love with South Africa, misses the local cuisine, saying: "One of my favourite things about the country is biltong. I think I practically live on the stuff."

About his love for South Africa, Stephen adds: "Being the husband to a South African I feel the same pride as she does when performing here. I love this country, and it feels like a second home. I think Cape Town has so much to offer, and we have told the cast to experience absolutely everything from Table Mountain to Camps Bay." 

Camps Bay holds a special place in both dancers' hearts as it's where Stephan proposed to Kylee after a Burn The Floor show in 2016.

Having toured all over the world, Kylee says: "England has been one of my favourite tours as my husband is from England. It is great to have all his family seeing what we love to do." 

Aside from being able to travel the world with her husband, Kylee says that she enjoys "sharing my love and passion for dance with the audience every night."

"We get to form a special bond between us dancers, singers and musicians and like we say, we are a part of the Burn the Floor family."

When asked what he enjoys most about being part of the production, Stephen says: "I love the fact we are encouraged to bring our personalities to the stage. It gives us a sense of ownership and immense pride. Each dancer is unique, they bring their style and flavour to the show, and it's so much fun to learn from each other."

If Stephen could dance only one dance for the rest of his life, it would be the Jive, and for Kylee, it is the Rumba. "I love being able to express different emotions with just this one dance. Happy, sad, love, lust and anger," she explains. 

For someone who isn't familiar with the production, Kylee describes Burn the Floor as "energetic, sexy and passionate."

Stephen says: "The audience can expect to be taken on an emotional and electrifying journey as we push the limits of ballroom and Latin."

Tickets for this much-anticipated show can be purchased on Webtickets.


Burn The Floor will run from 22 August to 8 September at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg before closing out the Mzansi tour in Durban at Sibaya Casino and the Entertainment Kingdom from 12 to 29 September.