Claudia Henkel speaks out for the first time about divorce: 'I sometimes cry myself to sleep at night'

Claudia Henkel (Photo: Getty)
Claudia Henkel (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - Speaking out for the first time about her divorce, former Miss South Africa Claudia Henkel admits that it has been the most trying time of her life - and that she sometimes cries herself to sleep.

The mother of twins - a girl and a boy - revealed in April that she and her husband, businessman Orin Roesstorff had separated after tying the knot in 2015.

Speaking to Huisgenoot the 36-year-old said that she often feels lonely after her marriage ended in February.

Following the separation Claudia resigned as Sun International's publicity manager to spend more time with her family.

The former Miss South Africa said that she can't call herself a "single parent," because her ex-husband is still in their children's lives, although she spends majority of the time with them.

Claudia did not elaborate on the reason for the divorce, but says that she suspects a miscarriage she experienced shortly after their wedding could have played in a role.  

"Thank you to all of you who have sent me beautiful messages of support, love and care," she wrote on Facebook.

About the divorce, she adds: "I know I made the right choice for my twins and for me. So when you comment or see me, don't say: 'I'm sorry' say 'well done for having the courage to choose to be happy'."


Compiled by Graye Morkel (Sources: Huisgenoot, Channel24 )