Derick Hougaard is Nádine's biggest fan

Derick Hougaard, Nadine (Photo: Gallo)
Derick Hougaard, Nadine (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Former rugby player Derick Hougaard constantly shows support for his girlfriend, Afrikaans singer Nádine, and it's beautiful to see. 

Derick loves to brag about his talented girlfriend on Twitter, and will always retweets her accomplishments and gigs on the social media platform.

The former Blue Bull had social media abuzz on Tuesday, when he tweeted: "People will do whatever to break a sacred relationship." 

The cryptic post had people speculating that someone might be trying to get between the couple.

On Friday, Nádine appeared on Jacaranda FM and her proud boyfriend showed his support by tweeting: "Give the girl a job @jacarandafm," adding that she sounds like a radio host.

We love when couples support each other! 


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