Did you get an invite to the #AKAIsOverParty?

AKA (Photo: Instagram)
AKA (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – There is a new trending topic involving AKA and here is everything you need to know about it.

The controversial rapper has been very vocal about his political views over the past couple of weeks and Saturday was no different.

A group of women, protesting against rape, disrupted President Jacob Zuma’s speech at the IEC’s result centre on Saturday.

Following the incident, AKA weighed in on Twitter.

People went in on the Supa Mega for criticising the anti-rape protest, prompting the hashtag #AKAIsOverParty to trend on the social media site.

But AKA isn't taking the trend lightly and even got into a heated argument with Radio 702 presenter, Gugulethu Mhlungu after feeling victimised by a comment the radio host made. 

Since then AKA has not quietened down and defended his opinion.

He also assured everyone that no one can stop him from expressing his opinion or bully him into keeping quiet.

So, did you get an invite to the #AKAIsOverParty?