Fifi Cooper chats to us about her Coke Studio experience

Fifi Cooper (Photo: The Juice)
Fifi Cooper (Photo: The Juice)

Johannesburg – Coke Studio is back for a second season, with more celebs from different backgrounds getting together to make some musical magic. 

The Juice sat down with Sama winner, Fifi Cooper, who will be taking part in the new season of the show. The motswako rapper has teamed up with pop singer, Ryki, to create a track unlike anything we’ve ever heard.

Last season’s Coke Studio saw the likes of Mi Casa, Kabomo and DreamTeam taking part. Fifi says this is part of the reason she chose to get involved in the show. "It’s a huge experience for me. There’s a lot of people that has had this experience, like big legends – people that inspire me. With the song that we’re doing it’s like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something totally different."

Coke Studio is known for bringing together artists who would not otherwise have a chance to collaborate. Once teamed up, they then have 3 days to hit the studio and come up with a banging tune, which they later have to perform live.

Although she can’t say too much about the track, the rapper told us that it will be a love song – though not your average love song. "It’s like a love song type of song. It’s not a happy song, it’s not a sad song, it’s just like, Ryki came up with this idea of like that one guy that has always been in your life that is not serious. So it’s not a sad or like, love, love, lovey-dovey song."

Trying something new is something that is really important to Fifi, the rapper encourages young, upcoming artists to step out of their comfort zones and do the same. “What I would say is, just not to be too comfortable in what they’re used to and just be open to new ideas and new sounds. I think that’s really important for every artist." 

We cannot wait to hear what Fifi and Ryki come up with in their time together. The good news is that this may not be the last time they end up collaborating.

"Definitely after this session we might even have another track to work on together. I think, like, this is just the beginning."