Good Samaritan helps pay for HHP's groceries

HHP (Photo: Gallo Images)
HHP (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – We’ve all been in this situation at least once – you go to the shop to quickly run some errands, and once you get to the till you realise that you forgot your money at home. Urgh, so annoying! 

Luckily for HHP when he was caught in this situation on Wednesday, he had a good Samaritan by his side to bail him out. Starting it off with the hashtag, #MidWeekTestimony the rapper told his story, explaining how he had gone to Pick n’ Pay to get some dog food, juice, and noodles. 

He mentions that he had planned on paying for his purchases using his Pick n’ Pay card. “I happen to have a super GEF Smart Shopper Card with over R400 in it.” 

It was only once he got to the front of the line that he says he realised someone had swapped out his card with theirs. 

“My Smart Card has been swapped by someone, and I happen not to know that person’s ID… so now I have to pay for the bones ONLY cause that’s the only cash I have on me. Wallet, DOLOLO.” 

At this point someone stepped up to help the star. “Out of a Paulo Coelho novel comes this beautiful Lady who offers to pay for me. I was shocked cause I’m wearing shades, granny boots, a BBP beanie and I’m listening to Double Exposure loud in my earphones.” 

The rapper believes it was an act of God. “When she made the gesture that I shouldn’t make a big deal about it, I KNEW, God was at work. It wasn’t a coincidence that the entire time this was happening, I was listening to #MyloveIsFree… #JesoNeh?!?!”