Hlaudi’s live SAfm interview a cringeworthy disaster

Hlaudi Motsoeneng the SABC's acting chief operations officer. (Gallo Images)
Hlaudi Motsoeneng the SABC's acting chief operations officer. (Gallo Images)

Cape Town – Furious listeners on Wednesday morning vented their anger at the SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng with several calling him a "dictator" after the controversial boss who struggled to answer basic questions disappeared after a break.

Motsoeneng’s disastrous SAfm interview is his latest cringeworthy live interview. This comes after he was attacked three weeks ago by LotusFM listeners, made shocking remarks on eNCA’s Maggs on Media on Sunday where he slammed media experts for knowing nothing about journalism, and appearing on JacarandaFM on Monday in another mind-boggling interview with Rian van Heerden.

The chief operating officer (COO) of the SABC who banned visuals of public protests on SABC TV News was supposed to be the guest on SAfm for an hour on The Forum at 8, but was gone after a few callers voiced hefty criticism to suddenly attend to an "emergency" according to presenter Sakina Kamwendo.

As he did on LotusFM, Motsoeneng suddenly berated Kamwendo live on-air when she asked him basic questions regarding his SABC News censorship decisions that he struggled to answer.

'You need to talk like a SABC employee'

When Kamwendo asked Hlaudi Motsoeneng if his new censorship decision meant that the SABC has always been contravening the Broadcasting Act, he berated her on-air for her questions.

"Sakina, when you talk there, you need to talk like a SABC employee. You as SABC people need to know what the SABC policy is saying. It is important for you as journalists of the SABC to represent the public, to represent the SABC.

"In any editorial newsroom in South Africa, when journalists sit down and discuss stories, they just discuss negative stories. Even at the SABC. I said 'That can’t happen' and I’m not apologetic about it."

A listener slammed Hlaudi for his "autocratic style", another one said "our Sesotho radio, LesediFM, has been turned into a clown. It’s only clowning there".

By 08:35, after a barrage of caller criticism and probing questions by Sakina Kamwendo, Hlaudi was suddenly gone.