iFani opens up about his battle with depression

iFani (Photo: Supplied)
iFani (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – The past few years have been a whirlwind for iFani. But after taking a short break from the industry, and revamping his look, the rapper is finally back on his feet and doing great. 

Speaking to DRUM, iFani opened up about his battle with depression and how he managed to overcome it. 

“It was a full year of depression. I would only come to life on stage because I was feeding off the audience’s energy. But as I left the stage I was back to my misery,”  he revealed. 

Not only did his depression have a hold on his emotional state, it also made him physically ill. “I got very sick from ulcers and Flu. I was bed-ridden and had to ask myself why I needed success.” 

The rapper realised his mistakes when he questioned his reasons for wanting success. “I came to understand everyone who is successful isn’t chasing it, but attracts it.” 

As part of his new lease on life, iFani also opened up to fans on Twitter about his plans to get his PhD.