Kurt Darren releases new music 'Party Tyd' on his birthday and at 50 the party is just getting started!

Kurt Darren (Photo: Gallo)
Kurt Darren (Photo: Gallo)

South African dance music sensation Kurt Darren is celebrating his fiftieth birthday with a gift to his fans - new music, and Channel24 hooked you up with the first listen. 

In 2018 Kurt shed close to 30kg when he embarked on a wellness journey, gaining new-found energy and confidence. Two years later, at 50, Kurt says he has reached a point in his life where his "family, career, spiritual and social circles are perfectly balanced."

Speaking to Channel24, he says: "To be the best that you can be is the most surreal and fulfilling feeling in the world. I'm in a great place!"

Kurt confesses that like most of us when we were younger; he thought that 50 meant you were well over the hill, but the father-of-two says that he loves life more than ever, saying: "I finally know who I am and what my purpose is in life."

Hand in hand with the milestone in his life, Kurt has released a brand-new song, aptly titled Party Tyd, to usher in the new phase in his life.

"I've been blessed that my music has been a soundtrack to many important events in peoples lives. I've always been there to get their party started, and that's why I've included the line: 'Let the party begin. It's first day of the rest of our lives. Why wait? You're here for a reason.'" he adds. 

Party Tyd is Kurt's way to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting him on his journey, which started 25 years ago. "It's also a way to show there's plenty more rhythm and music left in my bones," he laughs. 

Throughout his career, Kurt has learnt some valuable life lessons, the most important being to "surround yourself with the right people." He says: "Surround yourself with people that will uplift you and have a positive impact on your life. In return, I absolutely love to be able to add value to theirs."

"I have been in the privileged position to be a positive role model to many young people over the years, and look forward to continuing to inspire on my path forward," he adds.

Kurt's music has a way of cranking up the energy and vibe in any room to full blast, and he hopes Party Tyd will make people "positive and happy about the future of our beautiful country."

From celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in London to receiving eight Sama awards, it's hard for Kurt to pinpoint just one or two stand-out moments from his career, but one does stands out above the rest.

"My biggest highlight was receiving my first Gold award for Meisie Meisie at the KKNK; it was a special moment that would lay the foundation for my path going forward," he says. 

Even though Kurt celebrates a big part of his birthday with the country, the rest of the day will be dedicated to his family and close friends. 

"Dunay, has taken it upon herself to put the whole celebration together. I love her with my whole life," he says, gushing over his wife of nine years.

"My wife is treating myself and the kids to a weekend away at a top-secret destination, and my 50th will have a perfect ending! Travelling with my wife and kids is fantastic, and we plan to take on many more incredible adventures," Kurt tells Channel4