Lerato remembers HHP 6 months after his death: 'The grief is suffocating at times'

Lerato Sengadi, HHP (Photo: Legato Sengadi)
Lerato Sengadi, HHP (Photo: Legato Sengadi)

Johannesburg – Paying tribute to HHP six months after his death, the motswako rapper's wife, Lerato Sengadi, shared a heartbreaking message on social media speaking about the pain she still suffers. 

"How is it half a year already? The gaping hole in my heart & the pain that resonates from it are daily sobering reminders of a void that will never be filled, [sic]" she started off by saying. 

The publicist went on to mention that there are moments when "the grief is suffocating".

"But the TRUTH, OUR TRUTH is the oxygen that keeps me going always," she added. 

This is not the first time that Lerato has opened up about her emotional struggle when it comes to dealing with HHP's death.

In January she confessed that while mourning her husband she cried "for 89 consecutive days".