Lerato Sengadi remembers HHP: 'Our love is one written about in novels, sang about in songs, and acted out in movies'

Lerato Sengadi (Photo: YouTube/SABC)
Lerato Sengadi (Photo: YouTube/SABC)

Cape Town - Hip-hop artist HHP's wife, Lerato Sengadi, delivered an emotional tribute at her husband's memorial service in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Jabulani Tsambo, affectionately known by his fans as "Jabba," and who used the stage name HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) died on Wednesday.   

Joined by friends and family on stage Lerato said: "I've lost a husband, my best friend, my comedian, my favourite artist, my Scrabble mate, the love of my life."

Talking about the love the couple shared, she said: "I loved when you didn't love yourself. I loved you, when you thought you didn't deserved to be loved. I loved you when others thought that you were unlovable. I loved you when others were scared to love you."  

"I fought for you when I had to be a one-woman-army against so many that tried to tarnish your name. I loved you through happiness and pain, highs and lows, darkness and light, fear and pride."

Speaking about her feelings following his untimely death, she said: "I find solace in knowing that even during you last, your very very last breath you knew that." 

About his character, she went on to say: "You were so easy to love that even when you thought it was difficult, it actually wasn't. You were, and will always be one of the kindest and selfless, undeniably loving people that God has ever, ever, ever, ever put on this earth."

Lerato called his gifts of healing through music "undeniable," saying: "There will never be another."

The widow thanked God for allowing her to share "some of the happiest years of your life" with her husband. 

"People go through their lives searching for their soulmate, and we found each other. What a blessing," she said.

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"Our love is one written about in novels, sang about in songs, and acted out in movies. It is a love that people can only dream about."

Lerato ended off by saying she she will be strong and continue to protect him and his legacy in death like she did when he was alive. 

She said: "You know that I am a fighter who will stop at nothing to do what is right for you. I will take the lashings with the integrity and grace of the warrior queen you choose to share the throne with."

"I know you will come and visit me in my dreams often, I know you will never leave me. You never have," she ended off her emotional tribute.