Lira on heritage: 'At the core of it, I believe it's the spirit of Ubuntu'

Lira (PHOTO: Lira Instagram)
Lira (PHOTO: Lira Instagram)

Cape Town - We speak to local singer Lira about what heritage means to her, ahead of this year's DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival. 

Named one of Jozi's most popular festivals, the event will take place in Johannesburg on 22 and 23 September. Delicious has something for everyone - the best music, food, kids' entertainment and fun. There's no other place you should be!  

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The awesome music line-up features Lira, Simphiwe Dana, and Amanda Black, Sun-El Musician + Tresor, Zethe, Miss Ducasse on the Dance Arena, and many more. 

1. What does Heritage Day mean to you?

I see it as a day to celebrate our diverse culture and traditions as South Africans. I absolutely love the fact that people wear their various traditional clothes- it often reminds me how beautiful our culture is. Some things have been lost with urbanisation but I remember as a child how there wouldn't be dance festivals displaying the various traditional dancers and practices. Absolutely spectacular! 

2. What is the one thing you consider uniquely South African, something that speaks to our heritage?

At the core of it, I believe it's the spirit of Ubuntu. A care for your fellow man or woman. 

3. Your favourite traditional meal?

I'm still a sucker for umnqoshu- samp and beans! 

4. Which genre of music would you say embodies the essence of our heritage?

I always believed that Mbaqanga did this!