LootLove calls Emtee out for being "rude" to fan

LootLove (Photo: Instagram)
LootLove (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – It’s not unusual for fans to reach out to their favourite celebs for advice, but unfortunately they don’t always get the answer they expect. 

Emtee struck a nerve with more than just fans when he responded to someone on Twitter, who requested an email address to send “beats” to for the rapper’s opinion. 

While the question seemed innocent, Emtee was having none of it. He replied, “All my producers are award winning producers so I don’t know bruh.” 

Live Amp presenter LootLove spotted the conversation and decided to let Emtee know that she did not approve in just two words. “Not cool,” she tweeted. 

To which Emtee simply responded, “Facts ain’t cool I know.” 

Not one to back down from a fight, LootLove quickly hit back calling the rapper “rude”. “Dude, you’re rude. THAT is a fact.” 

When a fan pointed out that Emtee could have just responded with a “simple yes/no,” LootLove agreed, adding that the producers Emtee referred to could have also got more business out of the deal. 

“That’s what Im saying. Also why not share so your producers get more work? Smh. Aaaaaaaanyway.”