Mandoza’s wife remembers him: I love him until I die

Mpho Tshabalala (Photo: Gallo)
Mpho Tshabalala (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Mpho Tshabalala - Mandoza’s wife - spoke at the star’s funeral on Friday morning in Soweto. 

Mpho started by speaking about their four children saying: "He raised beautiful kids with me" and "we do not have three kids, we have four kids".

Then she went through the births of each of her children and spoke about the tough year that the couple had in 2010 saying: "In 2010 – we are family that always faces trails – I gave birth to Karabo at 6 months and she was in an incubator."

She added about that moment in her life: "I suffered a stroke". Mpho then elaborated by saying that she recovered from that stroke in 1 month instead of the customary three. 

On the future with her children she said: "I know that I am not alone, I have an entire nation to help me raise these kids." She went on to say that she’s not afraid to ask for help.

Speaking about the last days of Mandoza’s life she said: "Saturday we prayed the whole day and he didn’t eat (speaking about Mandoza)" and then she explained how her husband wished her a happy birthday.

Mpho ended off her speech by saying thank you to all involved and by introducing a new artist: "We started an empire with Nkalakatha records and I will continue that legacy with Pascal."

Here's a video of Mpho walking to the stage: