Mi Casa shares highlights of their year so far

Mi Casa (Instagram)
Mi Casa (Instagram)

Johannesburg – We caught up with popular South African group, Mi Casa, at this years Emmarentia Live music festival to find out what the standout moments have been for their year so far. 

The group, who had the crowd buzzing from the moment they stepped onto the stage, have been performing together for 5 years now. Trumpeter, Mo-T, marks this as a huge accomplishment. “It’s very hard in the country for groups to stay together. Especially in South Africa. So for us to be together and still going strong, that’s amazing.” 

Studio magic with @rikyrickworld and @nasty_csa done... Sounding all sorts of heavenly!

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Mi Casa have also spent some time touring Africa this year (Check that out here, here, and here). J’Something says this has been a highlight for him. “Touring Africa has been absolutely amazing. When we tour Africa is the time we really, really feel like superstars. Africans know how to celebrate, Africans know how to party.” 

J credits giving back to communities around Africa as one of the best parts of their tour. “We’ve gone to Rwanda, we’ve taught kids computer literacy. We went to Zim now, we went and fed a whole orphanage and we chilled with the kids. Every country we’ve been going to we’ve been doing amazing things that make us feel good at the end of the day.” 

The guys also hit the studio while away, promising some killer collabs. “Every country we been going to we’ve been working with people – Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Eddy Kenzo, C4 Pedro, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s about to come up.”