Pearl Thusi has 'no comment' on Robert Marawa breakup tweet

Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi (Photo: Instagram)
Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – On Sunday evening sports presenter Robert Marawa tweeted that his relationship with actress Pearl Thusi has ended. 

The tweet read in full: “I confirm the rumour & speculation that our relationship with Miss Pearl Thusi ended a few months ago.We continue 2 be good friends though.”

See the tweet here:

The Juice reached out to Pearl Thusi’s representative Sarit Tomlinson who said that the Lip Sync host had: “no comment” regarding the breakup. 

Pearl has lashed out at publications in the past over their reporting of her relationship.

Speculation over the pair’s relationship has been rampant for months, but this is the first confirmation of its demise from either party.