PIC: Minnie Dlamini meets Jessie J in Spain

Jessie J, Minnie Dlamini (Photo: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini)
Jessie J, Minnie Dlamini (Photo: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini)

Johannesburg – While spending some time in the beautiful Spanish capital, Madrid, Minnie Dlamini just so happened to run into pop sensation Jessie J.

And according to the TV personality, Jessie is super cool. 

Minnie, who was in Spain for the UEFA Champions League final, posted a snap of herself with the singer, saying that they had a great chat, with Jessie mentioning that she has been to SA a few times before. 

"Guys she was so cool and down to earth it was crazy, she even found the perfect light for our pic," she added. 


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