PIC: Riky Rick meets Tommy Hilfiger in Milan

Riky Rick, Tommy Hilfiger (Photo: Instagram/Riky Rick)
Riky Rick, Tommy Hilfiger (Photo: Instagram/Riky Rick)

Johannesburg – Local rapper Riky Rick just met one of his childhood icons, and he could not be happier.  

The rapper shared a photo of himself meeting with famed designer Tommy Hilfiger on Instagram.

In the post, Riky recalled first falling in love with the brand when he moved to a new school in Austria which didn't require uniforms.  

"Naturally our friends introduced us to new styles and brands that included a label by this man named @tommyhilfiger," Riky explains.

He adds that he begged his mother to buy him Tommy Jeans but due to circumstances she could not spend their money on fashion labels. 

"Ever since then the feeling of not being able to wear what I like has never left me and its one of the reasons I worked so hard. It might sound silly to some people but all I ever wanted was to be fresh." 

He continued: "Fast Forward 21 years. Ive had the opportunity to travel the world, make friends and express myself through clothes BUT meeting this man and telling him the story of how his brand was the reason I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MPAHLAS was full circle [sic]." 

Riky then went on to thank Tommy for allowing him to attend his fashion showcase.