PICS: Actress Florence Segal shares weight loss journey with fans

Florence Segal (Photo: Instagram/Florence Segal)
Florence Segal (Photo: Instagram/Florence Segal)

Johannesburg – TV star Florence Segal has celebrated her weight loss journey on social media, putting together a before and after image to show everyone how far she has come.  

The pictures were taken just five months apart, with the "before" picture taken at Florence's baby girl's first birthday party in March.  

According to the actress, reaching her fitness goals was no easy feat. "Effort, sweat, focus!!!... and dont get confused the tummy isn't at it's best I'm breathing in [sic']," she wrote, adding that the key to her success was changing her diet and focusing on exercise.  

"I've tried it all but when I changed my diet I saw progress," she said.   

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