PICS: Alette Winckler's beautiful baby shower

Heinz Winckler, Alette Winckler (Photo: Gallo)
Heinz Winckler, Alette Winckler (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Heinz and Alette Winckler had a beautiful baby shower. 

The baby shower was hosted at the gorgeous Bellevue Wine Estate, and the guest list included former 7de Laan actress Christi Panagio, Marlese Wallis and Isabel Barends.

Although Heinz was not able to attend, as he was performing at an event, their three boys spent the day with their mother.

Alette, who has three boys with her singer husband Heinz, told Huisgenoot that she can't wait to play dress-up with her daughter, as she has always been jealous of the cute girl clothes in the store. 

She also previously told the lifestyle publication that they received a vision from God, that they would have three boys and a daughter. Now, the vision has become true. 

The couple announced in June that they are expecting their fourth child, and shortly after that revealed the gender of their baby.

Aletté told Huisgenoot last month that they decided to name their daughter Alannah Elize. The baby shower was personalised with Alannah's name.

"Everyone involved and everyone participating and blessing my baby with gifts are sooooo highly appreciated and I am truly thankful and humbled for the time, money and effort you out in for us. I seriously love you [sic]," Alette wrote on Instagram. 

Compiled by Graye Morkel (Sources: Instagram,Huisgenoot, Channel24)

(Photo: Gallo Images)