PICS: Paxton meets Queen Silvia of Sweden

Cape Town - Idols SA winner Paxton Fielies was invited to Sweden, as part of the World's Children's Prize Foundation, to perform for Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

In addition, Paxton was awarded the role of ambassador for the queen's "You, Me: Equal Rights" campaign, and was presented with a crystal globe as acknowledgement. 

Paxton Fielies

The globally broadcast award ceremony saw Paxton being recognised and invited to various territories around the world. Paxton could not contain her excitement and said: "The queen whispered she loved my singing, when handing me the globe. I can't believe this!"

Throughout the week she was in Stockholm and Mariefred, where she performed at several schools, gaining standing ovations and new fans along the way.

Paxton Fielies (Photo: Sofia Marcetic)

"It was such an honour being selected to perform for the World's Children's Prize, it made me realise that it is not only the kids in South Africa, but worldwide, who need the support from those who can give it to. I really do think that all schools in South Africa should sign up to be a part of this."

She arrived back in South Africa on Monday, and is working on her on her debut album, which will launch in May.

(Photos: Sofia Marcetic)