Reason 'disappointed' at AKA Twitter rant

Reason (Photo: Gallo Images)
Reason (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – By now everyone knows about AKA’s allegiance towards the ANC.

The rapper has been very vocal about local politics over the past few months – from saying that he would not perform at DA or EFF events, to telling everyone that his support for the ANC has nothing to do with money (read that here). But while he has found a soapbox to stand on, he can’t understand why other rappers don’t have as much to say. 

On Tuesday he tweeted, “People wanna ask, ‘what happened to rap’ Nigga! What happened to RAP leading the youth! Speaking up?! Fuck your bars. They don’t mean shit.” 

Fellow rapper Reason happened to come across the post, asking, “Are you for real right now???” 

In another tweet Reason addressed AKA discrediting the work of other rappers. “Imagine we said ‘no one wants to know if you feel like the baddest! Ur feelings don’t mean shit!’, Just 2 make reference to political voice,” he added. 

While AKA did not directly respond, Reason kept going, mentioning that other rappers have been politically vocal in the past, before adding, “I’m so disappointed right now.”