Record label responds to allegations that 'Mobi Dixon is the cause of Nichume's death'

Mobi Dixon, Nichume (Photo: Gallo Images)
Mobi Dixon, Nichume (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Twitter was set ablaze on Wednesday when the Man's Not Barry Roux Twitter account shared a string of posts making accusations against Nichume's record label Top Chap Media and its CEO Mobi Dixon. 

"According to Nichume's family 'Mobi Dixon is the cause of [Nichume's] death, he is the cause why she committed suicide'," the first tweet read. 

The account then went on to make several accusations, claiming that Top Chap Media had not been making monthly payments to Nichume that were initially agreed upon when she joined the company. 

Screenshots of what is said to be a conversation between Nichume and a member of the Top Chap Media team were also posted on the social media site, showing more arguments over money. 

In a final tweet, the account wrote: "According to the family Mobi Dixon is welcome to attend the funeral just like everyone else is he so wishes but he must not expect to be given any platform to speak." 


Issuing a statement to address the accusations, Top Chap Media said the following:

"We are aware and deeply saddened by the allegations against Top Chap Media and our CEO Mobi Dixon by Nichume's family. We will respect the wishes of the family and refrain from making any further statements or comments about Nichume."

Further on it reads: "In respect for the deceased and honouring her legacy, we believe the main priority now should be giving her a dignified send off."

The company added that further communication surrounding the matter would be issued after Nichume's funeral has taken place. 

News of Nichume's death first broke on Friday 7 June. A statement issued to the media said the star was found at a friends place following an apparent suicide. 

public memorial service for the singer was held in Johannesburg on Wednesday 12 June.