Riky Rick on his controversial Metro Awards speech: "I could have done that in a better way'

Riky Rick (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Riky Rick (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Johannesburg – Opening up about his controversial 2017 Metro FM Awards speech, rapper Riky Rick told the Trending SA team that he was not proud of the way he handled the situation, feeling that it should have been done differently.  

Riky’s name was on everyone’s lips in 2017 after going on stage to accept an award at the show. During his acceptance speech the rapper spoke out against the difficulties which he said many people faced getting airplay for their music if they did not have the money to make it happen. 

During his interview on Trending SA, Riky admitted that he has a habit of “saying the right thing at the wrong time.” Adding that he received a lot of backlash for his comments. 

“I got friends at that specific station and I felt like disrespected the relationship that I have with those friends and those people that had supported me throughout my career. I look back on that video, I’m not really like too proud to watch that video back because I could have done that in a better way. But sometimes the message comes with lemons, you know?” he said. 

When asked if his views on the situation in the music industry has changed, the rapper said: “The industry is gonna operate the way it’s gonna operate. The main goal is that we need to want to put across to the kids is that we gotta find solutions.” He agreed that his upcoming Cotton Fest was one of those solutions.