Samkelo weighs in on #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh

Samkelo Ndlovu (Photo: Instagram)
Samkelo Ndlovu (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Samkelo Ndlovu stands behind the girls at Pretoria High School for Girls. 

News24 reported that pupils at Pretoria High School for Girls claimed they have been subjected to racism and that their blackness has been discouraged. 

The girls say school rules forbid African hairstyles such as afros, bantu knots, dreadlocks and braids.

Rhythm City actress Samkelo Nldovu took to Instagram with a message of solidarity to the girls, and shared her own experiences. 

She started off by saying, "They tell you you aren't light enough, so you spend your whole life bleaching your skin afraid of the sun to prove that you can be light. Then they tell you your beautiful halo hair that defies gravity isn't straight enough, so you spend your entire life frying your hair with relaxer to prove that your hair can also be straight. And in all that time you spent proving this, you were distracted from your true potential. Your true potential of being beautiful and amazing"

She went on to say, "I fought this very same battle in high school when I chopped off my long relaxed hair and afro'd my hair to grow dreadlocks. (sic)"

And she continued to express her admiration and support for the girls at Pretoria Girls High, "I am so happy to know that there are girls woke enough to stand up for their true aesthetic. Girls who are saying we are unapologetically black and you WILL be okay with it, because there is nowhere else to be black than RIGHT HERE in AFRICA!! Where we BELONG!! (sic)"