Skolopad collapses, carried out of Samas on stretcher

Skolopad (Photo: Gallo)
Skolopad (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Controversial local entertainer Skolopad collapsed during the South African Music Awards, (Samas) and was carried out of the Sun Arena on a stretcher, on Saturday.

Skolopad, who arrived at the award show late and almost missed the red carpet, told The Juice: "Due to driving [from the Free State], I was tired. That day I didn't eat or drink anything. So, I think that I was also hungry. I was nervous, and when I'm nervous then I can't eat."

Staying true to her signature style, Skolopad turned heads in a sheer black gown. She sat next to Dr. Malinga throughout the show. 

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The singer, who made headlines for her catchy tune Don't Touch earlier this year, said she started to feel light-headed before Shekhinah took to the stage.   

Fortunately, the 34-year-old mother of one didn't have to be hospitalised, saying: "They [paramedics] took me aside, and had me checked out. I rested there, and then they took me to the hotel room."

Skolopad says she is feeling "okay," adding: "I arrived home last night and will be going to work tomorrow."  

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(Photo: Gallo)