Somizi tells the story of how he ran into Boy George in Monaco and it's amazing

Somizi, Boy George (Photo: Instagram/Somizi)
Somizi, Boy George (Photo: Instagram/Somizi)

Johannesburg – While in travelling with husband Mohale, Somizi ran into his "icon", the legendary Boy George. 

The Idols SA judge shared the story of how the meeting took place, saying that Boy George even invited him to attend one of his shows. 

"So as we were walking out of the hotel here I see my icon I scream with excitement as if we knew each other and haven't seen each other for days. Boy George I scream he turns and says honey u look fab (sic)," Somizi explained in an Instagram post.

The star says they ended up having a five-minute conversation, with Mohale in the background just wondering "who is this man Somizi is so gaga over."

"He (Boy George) then insists that we come to his show tonight but unfortunately it's our last day in Monaco. As we leave I knew immediately that I've found my long lost brother my idol before I knew of Elton John. Lady gaga. Madonna. Grace Jones. Before Sam Smith was," he wrote. 

Somizi ended his note by saying he cannot wait to visit Boy George in the States or for the English singer to come to Africa.