Takkies falls victim to WhatsApp hacking

Takkies (Photo: Instagram/Takkies)
Takkies (Photo: Instagram/Takkies)

Johannesb urg – Local choreographer Takkies has warned fans not to send money to someone "pretending" to be her.  

In a clip shared on Instagram the star said that her Whatsapp account had been hacked, resulting in contacts being scammed for money.  

“Someone stole my Whatsapp number and now they’re asking people for money,” she explained in the video.  

“Guys, it is not me. I would not ask anyone for money,” she stressed.  

Takkies also shared a screengrab of a text someone had received from the hackers. “Can you please e-wallet someone (3000) I exceeded my daily limit I will send it back tomorrow morning first thing in the morning,” it reads.  

The choreographer is not the only local star to fall victim to hackers.

In 2017 Zahara warned fans of a similar scam in which someone used her number to ask people for money.