WATCH: 5 greatest Christmas moments on WWE from the past 20 years

WWE Tribute to the Troops (Photo: Getty)
WWE Tribute to the Troops (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - The holidays are upon us, and this means good food and quality time with family. 

WWE and its Superstars are still hard at work over the festive season with both Raw and SmackDown being known for their Christmas-themed shows. 

With the year nearing an end, WWE has put together five of WWE's greatest Christmas moments so we can look back at what our favourite show has brought us over the last 20 years.

1.    Santino attempted to reveal the secret of Santa Claus

Back in 2008, Santino was a comedian and one of the most entertaining WWE personalities. One of his most memorable moments was when he nearly exposed the "secret of Santa Claus." He attempted to tell children that Santa is not real until he was interrupted by John Cena.

2. DX offered great Christmas gift ideas

Triple H and longtime friend, Shawn Michaels, former WWE wrestler who retired in 2018, had always been close. On their 2009 Raw Christmas edition, they decided to advertise for the WWE shop. They took the merchandise around them and pretended to be part of a TV advertisement giving out great gifts and watching an old match showing Triple H beating down Michaels. 

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin dressed as Santa Claus and attacked Vince McMahon

Since 2003 WWE has put on a show for United States troops known as 'Tribute to the Troops' during the holiday season. On one show dedicated to this, McMahon was giving a speech when Austin decided to join him in the ring in a Santa costume. He was not too happy about this and proceeded to attack Austin, stating that he would beat up anyone who decided to disrespect him. Austin removed his Santa costume to reveal who he was before attacking McMahon and winning, proving why Austin and McMahon will always be enemies.  

4. The Rock and his very own '12 Days of Christmas' songs

With his charisma and humour, The Rock is known for his creation and singing of songs to the audience. While some songs were based on real songs, he would put a spin to them. On an episode of SmackDown when he was scheduled to fight Test, rather than singing '12 Days of Christmas' he sang about 12 things that the Test would see and endure from their fight including a lot of eyebrow-raising, "Spine Busters," "People's Elbows," "Sharpshooters" and "Rock Bottoms." 

5.    Hornswoggle talks for the first time

In 2011 Hornswoggle, silent WWE superstar (who retired in 2016) received a Christmas miracle. In a backstage party with Santa Claus present, Hornswoggle decided to approach Santa, unable to speak and tell him what he wanted, superstar Sheamus approached them and told Santa that Hornswoggle wishes to be able to communicate with people.

The miracle happened and although he sounded hilarious, he could talk and surprised everyone. Mick Foley joined the group and asked Hornswoggle when he began to talk and they all looked in the direction of Santa who had disappeared, but could still be heard from above. They all assumed that they had too much eggnog.

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