WATCH: Jub Jub's first TV interview since being released from prison

Jub Jub (Gallo)
Jub Jub (Gallo)

Johannesburg – In an interview with Morning Live, musician Jub Jub opened up about the 2010 accident he was involved in that claimed the lives of four children and left two more brain damaged. 

“This is something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life, knowing that there’s four kids that passed on and two that are brain damaged,” he said, adding that the incident would continue to haunt him. “It’s something that will forever stick with me for the rest of my life. It doesn’t make me feel good.” 

When asked about his time behind bars, Jub Jub - who served four years in prison - says he found it extremely difficult to cope. “Prison is everything that you think and more. So there’s nothing good, nothing nice about prison at all. It really sharpened my character. It broke me down. At times I found it really hard to really cope.” 

And as far as rumours about preferential treatment in prison goes, the star says he was not given any special treatment. “Prison doesn’t care whether you Jub Jub or not. Prison is to get you in line, to rehabilitate you and to straighten you out. It’s true punishment and that’s what it is.” 

Saying that he is changed man, Jub Jub says he will use his second chance to help stop young people from making the same mistakes that landed him behind bars. 

Watch the full interview here: