WATCH: Pretty Yende receives Italian knighthood

Pretty Yende (Photo: Getty Images)
Pretty Yende (Photo: Getty Images)

Johannesburg – South African opera singer Pretty Yende has been honoured with The Order of the Italian Star from the Italian Consulate in Cape Town. 

The singer shared a video of the ceremony on Instagram, writing: "This has been the most extraordinary gift I could have ever wished for. Ordine Stella d'Italia (OSI) – an Italian knighthood presented by the Italian Consul in Cape Town Emanuele Pollio. Being a recipient of 'The Order/knight of the Star of Italy' deeply humbles and fills me with immense gratitude for such and extraordinary decoration [sic]."

In the video, Consul Emanuele Pollio refers to Pretty as a "great daughter of South Africa, " adding: "But in a way, she is also a daughter of Italy."