WATCH: This prank pulled on Trevor Noah by The Daily Show team had fans in stitches

Trevor Noah. (Getty Images)
Trevor Noah. (Getty Images)

Johannesburg – "Trevor Noah, do not wear green during rehearsal."

This was the caption that accompanied a funny video shared by The Daily Show on Twitter, and Trevor got the message loud and clear. 

The clip shows the South African comedian during rehearsals for the political satire show wearing a bright green jersey – a colour which is usually reserved for green screens in film and television (you probably see where this is heading). 

Jumping at the opportunity to prank the star, his team members turned his jersey into a "green screen," playing old footage on the jersey from his Strictly Come Dancing SA days on it. 

The hilarious video had many of Trevor's fans laughing in the comments section of the post, while others were just shocked that he can dance.

Well, not only can he dance, he actually placed second that season of Strictly Come Dancing SA back in 2008.