WATCH: Trevor Noah calls meeting President Ramaphosa 'one of the most surreal moments'

Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty Images)
Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty Images)

Johannesburg – In another one of his "Between The Scenes" clips from The Daily Show, Trevor Noah had a chat about what it was like when he got to meet President Cyril Ramaphosa on a recent trip to South Africa. 

The comedian, who was spotted in Parliament in early March, explained that the invitation was an unexpected one. "A friend of mine called me and said: 'Yo, Trevor, what are you doing?' And I said I'm waiting, I'm going to go to an event later today. And he's like: 'Oh, cause the president wants to meet you'."

Caught in a state of disbelief, Trevor says he just wrangled up a few of his friends asking them to tag along, but neglecting to mention where they were headed. 

"So my friend's like wearing a hoodie, my other friend's wearing a free t-shirt, and I'm wearing a suit cause I'm going to go to another event."

The friends in question were of course Khaya Dlanga and Sizwe Dhlomo - finally, Twitter now has an answer as to why both of these stars were dressed so casually for a meeting with the president.

Trevor laughed as he described how Sizwe freaked out when he realised he would be meeting President Ramaphosa in a hoodie. 

"My friend apologised, he was like, 'I'm so sorry Mr. President, I did not know I was meeting a president today that's why I'm dressed like this. And then the president was cool. He's like: 'No, I didn't know I was meeting you guys, that's why I'm dressed like this'."

About his invitation to sit in Parliament, Trevor said it was "one of the most surreal moments."

"It's one of those things that you take for granted because it happens gradually in life, but I genuinely had to just breathe."