Who is the local drag superstar in The Kiffness’ newest video?

Manila Von Teez, YouTube
Manila Von Teez, YouTube

Cape Town – Local band The Kiffness has released a new video for their single: You Say You Love Me featuring Tawanna Shaunte. 

The video features Cape Town drag performer Manila Von Teez. 

The performer walks the streets taking off layers of clothing as she goes; culminating in her unveiling a very sexy leotard.

The track is a banger and the performance by Manila is epic and has been shared all over South Africa.

Who is Manila Von Teez?

The performer, who is also known as Veon Wentzel, has been a feature on Cape Town’s drag scene for many years. 

The 24-year-old has performed at different clubs and was a contestant in The Gay Flag of South Africa competition in 2012. 

You can watch the video here: