Nonhle Ndala's sweet tribute to Andile Jali

Nonhle Ndala and Andile Jali (Instagram)
Nonhle Ndala and Andile Jali (Instagram)

Johannesburg- New parents Andile Jali and Nonhle Ndala are just so loved-up. 

The couple, who welcomed Princess AJ into the world a few weeks ago, are enjoying every moment of being a family. 

It's just too cute! 

From matching sneakers, to spending as much time together, Andile and Nonhle seem to be closer than ever. 

Nonhle took to Instagram to thank Andile for being the most amazing dad to their little princess, and the most supportive partner to her. 

"Our journey is magical, lots of imperfections along the way and that's what makes it perfect," Nonhle wrote. 

Aw man, don't you guys just love happy endings? We Do! 

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