Norma Gigaba on 'flaunting her riches'

Jealous people are vicious people right?

Well, just ask Melusi Gigaba's wife Norma!

She's been accused of being a 'show-off' and 'rubbing her wealth' in people's faces on social media.

However, Norma says she's not boasting, but is simply sharing her life with her friends. This is according to Drum magazine who sat down with Norma to set the record straight on these claims.

The most recent incident was when Norma posted a snap of her new Buscemi takkies, which cost R11 000 a pair. Norma explained that she works incredibly hard for her money as an IT Specialist and doesn't see anything wrong with spoiling herself with something she really likes.

"I work hard, that's why I can afford to buy them. It's my money and I've never used his (Malusi's) money. And even if I use his money, he's my husband. I don't understand why people are so fussy," she told the mag.

The minister's wife added that she wasn't always privileged enough to afford such items, and had to work incredibly hard to build her career, which has given her the opportunities she has.

Norma also explained that she doesn't take people's criticism to heart because expensive shoes and bags are not what defines her.

Her main focus in life is to be a great mom, wife and to build a loving home.

Keep slaying guuurl!

*Picture: Twitter