Ntando apologises to fans after being booed off stage

Ntando Bangani (Facebook)
Ntando Bangani (Facebook)

Johannesburg - There WAS an artist booed off stage this past weekend, even if it wasn't Cassper.

While Cassper was busy fighting rumours he was booed off stage at the Homecoming Picnic on Saturday (more on that here), it was a sad reality for another artist, who was actually threatened and booed off stage by his fans.

According to Daily Sun, multi-award winning singer, Ntando Bangani was jeered off stage after a scheduled performance in Eastern Cape turned sour.

Fans say he stumbled through his set and didn't appear to know any of the words to his own songs. They accuse him of not practicing ahead of the time and not showing them enough respect.

In fact, the crowd got so gatvol of Ntando's that they even started chanting "Singakubetha xa sithanda (we’ll beat you up if and when we want to)” and booed him off stage after only 6 songs.

Ntando has since apologised to his fans, saying that there were technical issues which made it impossible for him to deliver. He says that he usually performs alongside backing tracks and the DJ at the event messed up.

“I was performing with a back track and when you perform with it you don’t really practise. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and it has never failed me before. The people who were playing my CDs somehow jammed them," he says. "I feel really bad about the performance and apologise to my fans. If I could re-do it, I would.”

A free gig will definately help ease the pain, Ntando. #JustSaying