Is Clint Brink working on a music comeback with Afrotraction?

Clint Brink, Afrotraction (Instagram)
Clint Brink, Afrotraction (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Could Clint Brink be dusting the cobwebs off of his dusty music career?

We all know Clint has a good voice to go with that hot bod of his and he did win that "most likely to become an international heartthrob and serenade your missus" award at school!

Okay, we made up that last one, but his music career is no joke (he even released a music video back in 2013) and just to prove it, Clint has been using that #Musician tag quite a bit lately (Well, those and the #Gym tag).

Now it seems he might even be getting some help from R&B/Soul musician and producer, Afrotraction.

The two were spotted in what appears to be Afrotraction's studio this week and they even took a young selfie to remember the moment!

We're not sure if Clint has managed to convince Afrotraction to do a song about gyming, but we wouldn't bet against it!