Omuhle Gela admits she dated DJ Lulo Cafe

Omuhle Gela (Instagram)
Omuhle Gela (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Actress Omuhle Gela has opened up about her relationship, but still refuses to name her beau, only saying he is a businessman. 

During an interview on Katch it with Kanyi, Omuhle also said that she was with DJ Lulo Cafe for a long time.

"I got into the industry because of him. We had been dating for the longest time and we were together before I was on TV."

Omuhle has often received flak on social media for only dating her current man because of the money, cars and other extravagant gifts her mystery man showers her with. On Valentines Day Omuhle admitted that her man had bought her an apartment. 

"I used to care about other people's opinions. Now I don't care. I was so overwhelmed when I got that apartment. He knew that I wanted to move out but there was no way I expected that he would actually buy it for me."

And just before the show aired, Omuhle posted this message on social media. Hmmm, referring to Lunga or Lulo?

Free tip use it don't use it. 'The only way I thrive to remain relevant in this industry is by working,and doing the best that I can do,not by dating a celebrity and mentioning it endlessly just to remain relevant,I just want to focus on my work and building myself. The reason why I'm selective of the events I go to is because I'm a Actress,not socialite my mission is NOT to be famous and seen everywhere I want to tell stories that someone out there can relate to,and during my spare time which I hardly ever get,I want to chill with my friends,family and loved ones. I don't want to go to a club and do social interviews with no substance just to be seen on TV, the only interviews I fully engage in are about my WORK. That's why I'm here,I'm not In this industry to be a 'celeb' I'm here to act and win shit. I will NOT at any given chance mention a celebrity I've dated cause I need people to write about me or remember me. That's the difference between me and some,I'm not here to be cool

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