Pam Andrews: 'I don't know what I love more. Food or sex.'

Pam Andrews (Instagram)
Pam Andrews (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Last year Pam Andrews had eyebrows raised after she consistently posted snaps of her near-naked self on Instagram.

The constant stream of pictures had people questioning Pam's mothering skills, her ethics and there were even rumours that it cost her her job at Rhythm City.

But Pam didn't give a damn, hitting back at the haters, saying she was proud of her body and could do pretty much whatever she wanted.

So while Pam has been keeping a low-profile on social media, it seems she's back.

She posted these snaps of herself in a bikini in the cold.

Welcome back, Pam.

Pam says she has lost weight. So she shows us her body

Then she posts pics of herself eating in her bikini. "I don't know what I love more. Food or sex."

I dont no wot I love more .. Food or Sex ..♥♥♥..

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And then there's a video of her walking up stairs. It's only the back view.

#imsoinapropriate ... ♥♥♥..

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