Pirates come for K.O's clothes

K.O (Instagram)
K.O (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Poor Cashtime fans - just when they think they have got the freshest threads from their favourite hip hop group, it turns out they are fakes.

Talking to Daily Sun, the group reveals that pirates are selling fong-kong versions of their clothes and it's hurting their sales.

"It’s really sad that we’re a proudly South African small business creating employment for the black youth, and then this happens," Cashtime co-founder, Thabiso Khati, told the paper.

So how can fans know whether they have the real thing or not?

“Our range is limited to T-shirts and tracksuits. We only use a special fabric, whereas the fakes are made of cotton and other fabrics," says K.O

“Our tracksuits’ animal print designs were specially developed by us – the pirates have not been able to copy the design. They just plaster the Cashtime Life logo on wool or cotton tracksuits.” he added.

So, next time you get offered a nice Cashtime cap at Bree, just be like K.O and say "noooo"...