Randall Abrahams shows off his blonde bae

Randall and his blonde gal (The Juice)
Randall and his blonde gal (The Juice)

Johannesburg - Randall Abrahams has a new twinkle in his eye, and it's not because of the talent on this year's Idols South Africa. 

Randall was at the launch of H&M in Johannesburg and was more than happy to show off the hot blonde on his side.

Holding hands and stealing secret kisses, he and his mystery bae were walking the ailes looking for goodies to purchase.

When The Juice approached Randall for an interview, Mr Moody was back. "No. No. I'm not doing anything. I'm not doing any interviews tonight. I'm about to leave in two minutes."

Except he didn't. He and bae headed to another section of the store to carry on shopping.

Note to blonde bae: you've gotten him to smile and hold hands in public. Next step? Be nice to journalists.