Rapper Zakwe angry over album piracy woes

Zakwe  (Instagram)
Zakwe (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Rapper Zakwe worked on his latest album for over two years, only for it to be pirated and sold on street corners and at taxi ranks.

Zakwe told The Daily Sun that he is heartbroken after his comeback album was leaked online two days after its release.

“I worked hard on my album and for someone to just steal it is frustrating," he says."My album first leaked online just two days after its release. Someone bought it on iTunes and decided to put it on the Internet for people to download for free.”

To make matters worse, some people have taken to copying the songs onto a disc and selling them on the streets.He says the country needs to step up their fight against piracy.

“We have been fighting this since 2006 and have raided thousands of places in Marabastad and Cyrildene. I know there is a place in Tshwane and many Chinese malls where they deal in pirated CDs,” he said.