Ratings! Trevor Noah is a worthy successor to Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah. (Photo: Peter Yang)
Trevor Noah. (Photo: Peter Yang)

Johannesburg - It's been over a month since Trevor Noah first took the hot seat as the new host of The Daily Show. After the announcement was made earlier this year, critics lambasted Comedy Central's decision to bring in an unknown South African to host the show, many predicting a failure.

But Comedy Central says the growth clearly shows that it made the right choice.

According to TheWrap.Com, Comedy Central president, Michele Ganeless has spoken highly of Trevor. "I couldn't be happier. He offers a more global... millennial perspective. We made the absolute right choice. The show needed to evolve."

While Nielsen ratings (an audience measurement system) are down 37% from that of Jon Stewart's final quarter of the show, Comedy Central says that 40% of The Daily Show content is now viewed from digital platforms, a 10% increase from that of his predecessor's final days on the show.

What does this mean? Well, in essence more millennials are watching the show since Trevor joined, something both the network and Jon Stewart are happy about. "He's like a proud pappa," said the network's president.

It is believed that Stewart still helps with ideas and content for the show.