Reports: Busiswa caught in gig drama

Busiswa (Instagram)
Busiswa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Busiswa is in hot water with a cafe owner after she apparently refused to perform at her cafe over the weekend.

According to Daily Sun, the Lahla songstress was paid to perform at Virgin Cafe over the weekend, but dropped the bar at the last minute, saying she could not find the venue and that the venue in Joburg CBD was not safe.

But what made the cafe's owner even more angry was that only hours after Busiswa was set to perform, they caught her entertaining crowds at another venue not too far away.

"My brother-in-law rushed there and took a video of her on stage. I tried to persuade her to come and perform even for five minutes, but she said she didn’t feel safe at my place,” Virgin Cafe's owner, Sophie Legogi told the paper.