Reports: DJ Cleo's musicians all jump ship

DJ Cleo (Instagram)
DJ Cleo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - DJ Cleo has been abandoned!

According to Sunday Sun, the legendary musician and businessman's production company, Will of Steel has become a one man show.

You see, while Cleo was keeping the nets as an aspiring goalkeeper, his musicians were slipping through the musical net.

Just a few weeks ago it reported that one of Cleo's prodigies, the Teddy Bears had left Cleo's record company and house.

And they aren't the only ones. DJ Soul T has also left the label citing Cleo's greed as the reason for his departure.

These follow claims from the Teddy Bears that Cleo's attitude forced them out the door.

"If you disagreed over something, DJ Cleo tells you he's the king of the castle. And if you don't comply with his rules, go build your own castle," he says.

If it's true that he's the only act on his label,  at least the admin must be easy.