Reports: DJ Zinhle's family want AKA to pay 'damages'

AKA and DJ Zinhle (Instagram)
AKA and DJ Zinhle (Instagram)

Johannesburg- AKA and DJ Zinhle are counting down the days till the arrival of their bundle of joy. 

Since the news of their pregnancy was revealed a few months ago, we've seen the fiercely private couple start to step out of their shells.

Last Friday Zinhle even launched her own mommy blog, which documents some of her most intimate moments of her pregnancy. 

Even though the couple have shared bits and pieces of their lives with fans, they are yet to reveal if wedding bells are on the cards in the near future. 

Now there are reports emerging that there seems to be some family rift, with Zinhle's family allegedly demanding that AKA pay 'damages.'

Sunday Sun is reporting that Zinhle's very strict Zulu family expect AKA to pay damages for making her pregnant. This is a Zulu tradition that they believe is incredibly important, to protect the child from any bad luck. 

It's believed that AKA has not yet even met with Zinhle's family since she fell pregnant.

Zinhle's uncle Mbonbeni Jiyane told the paper that their family have not even "reported" the pregnancy to AKA's family yet, because he didn't want them to meet his family. 

"He actually didn't want us to meet his family. That boy is crazy. He must pay damages - finish and klaar," Mbonbeni added. 

Zinhle's uncle explained that AKA needs to understand that in their culture when a girl falls pregnant, damages need to be paid and thereafter the guy needs to marry her. 

DJ Zinhle's mom also told the paper that she's hoping that AKA would pay the damages soon.