Reports: Msawawa turns to sangoma for good luck

Mswawa (Facebook)
Mswawa (Facebook)

Johannesburg- Former child star Msawawa has reportedly turned to a traditional healer for luck in an attempt to revive his career. 

According to Sunday Sun, Mswawa apparently visited a sangoma in a village in Empangeni in KZN. 

Apparently people from the village spotted him waiting in a queue. 

"I was shocked to see Msawawa in our village. I thought he was in Joburg busy with his music. We found out he was here to see uMkhulu because he needs luck," said the source. 

Another source allegedly told the paper that he spotted the former kwaito star at the sangoma's place on three separate occasions. 

"Things must be very bad for him if he seeks help from traditional healers," the source added. 

When asked for comment, Msawawa laughed off the claims.